Panama Water Park

Panamá 2013

The formal expressiveness of this project corresponds not to the search for a cosmetic action, but rather to a coherence and capacity for synthesis, based on a technical and pragmatic analysis and reading of the territory, in an economy of weighted resources and operational operation clear.

It is indeed the definition of this strategic path and the concretization of its moment of "genesis" which constitutes the proposal, as a guiding document for a broad and fruitful discussion. Before proposing a specific design and being aware that landscape work will never correspond to a static and immutable image, what we propose is a dynamic based on a clear and sustainable strategy.

In each of the "Moments" (zones) of the development of the new waterfront, which should be understood as a "Park for All", formalism should give way to the capacity to think of a complex, wealth and environmental expressiveness. It is not intended to model an image on the ground but to understand the characteristics of the place, to understand the energies that determine its functioning, joining the will to transform to the flow of these same energies.

Water and its capacity to sculpt the topography emerges as the Primordial Element, capable of justifying the whole strategy of action.

Designed in partnership with Opera Projects and Proap.

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